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George Gissing:
Poems, Short Stories and Articles in Periodicals and Anthologies.

"Lou and Liz" [Coustillas C27]

English Illustrated Magazine, X, August 1893, pp. 793-801. Illustrations by Dudley Heath. Original green decorated cloth. Spine worn and faded, hinges cracking, ffep torn with some loss. Good+. (Inventory No. 23792)
Catalogue number Gissing5/304 Price: £15

KEATING, P. J. Working-Class Stories of the 1890s. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1971. First edition. Cloth in dust wrapper. Very Good/Very Good. (Inventory No. 19280)
Catalogue number Gissing5/305 Price: £8

"The Poet's Portmanteau" [Coustillas C40]

English Illustrated Magazine, XII, February 1895. pp. 3-10. Illustrations by Melton Prior. Original wrappers. Wrappers detached and lacking spine. Fair. (Inventory No. 23793)
Catalogue number Gissing5/306 Price: £10

"In Honour Bound" [Coustillas C41] and "The Tyrant's Apology" [Coustillas C50]

English Illustrated Magazine, XIII, April 1895, pp. 79-88. Illustrations by Chris Hammond, pp. 297-304. Illustrated by W. D. Almond. Original green decorated cloth. Spine creased and worn, small tear to bottom of title page, some foxing. Good+. (Inventory No. 23794)
Catalogue number Gissing5/307 Price: £15

"His Brother's Keeper" [Coustillas C46]

Chapman's Magazine of Fiction, I, 1895, pp. 146-158. Re-backed green cloth boards with worn leather spine. Good+. (Inventory No. 23795)
Catalogue number Gissing5/308 Price: £15

"Vegetarianism v. Love" [Coustillas C76]

The Harmsworth Magazine, 5, December 1900, pp. 497-500. Illustrated by T. H. Robinson. Original green decorated cloth, gilt. Very Good. (Inventory No. 35533)
Catalogue number Gissing5/309 Price: £15

"A Yorkshire Lass" [Coustillas C80]

Cosmopolis, III, August 1896, pp. 309-326. Wrappers. Lacks rear cover and front cover ragged around edges, contents very good. Fair. (Inventory No. 23804)
Catalogue number Gissing5/310 Price: £20

"The Schoolmaster's Vision" [Coustillas C82]

Extracted from The English Illustrated Magazine, XV, September 1896, pp. 487-495. Illustrations by Gunning King. Wrappers. Very Good.
Catalogue number Gissing5/311 Price: £5

"Mr. Brogden, City Clerk" [Coustillas C90]

The Harmsworth Magazine, 2, February 1899, pp. 36-43. Illustrations by F. S. Wilson. Original green decorated cloth, gilt. Very Good. (Inventory No. 23802)
Catalogue number Gissing5/312 Price: £15

The Harmsworth Magazine, 2, February 1899, pp. 36-43. Illustrations by F. S. Wilson. Original green decorated cloth, gilt. Boards and spine very worn, hinges weak. Fair. (Inventory No. 23803)
Catalogue number Gissing5/313 Price: £10

"A Poor Gentleman" [Coustillas C93]

The Pall Mall Magazine, XIX, 1899, pp. 177-187. Half-leather, gilt. Leather scuffed on back but handsome volume. Very Good. (Inventory No. 23806)
Catalogue number Gissing5/314 Price: £20

The Pall Mall Magazine, XIX, 1899, pp. 177-187. Cloth. Very Good.
Catalogue number Gissing5/315 Price: £15

"A Charming Family" [Coustillas C99]

STEWART, Margaret. A Seven Seas Sampler: A Collection of Short Stories by Nineteenth Century British Authors. Berlin: Seven Seas Publishers, 1961. Paperback. Pages browning but clean unread copy. Very Good. (Inventory No. 23819)
Catalogue number Gissing5/316 Price: £6

"A Daughter of the Lodge" [Coustillas C100]

Selected English Short Stories, XIX & XX Centuries (Third Series), Oxford University Press, 1927, pp. 399-412. Maroon cloth, gilt. Ffep starting to detach but decent copy with ribbon book mark. Very Good. (Inventory No. 23812)
Catalogue number Gissing5/317 Price: £6.50

Selected English Short Stories, XIX & XX Centuries (Third Series), Oxford University Press, 1930, pp. 399-412. Blue cloth, gilt in dust wrapper. Dust wrapper darkened on spine with slight loss at top. Very Good/ Good+. (Inventory No. 23813)
Catalogue number Gissing5/318 Price: £8

"Ravenna" [Coustillas D1] and "To Truth" [Coustillas D2]

A Selection of Verses from The Manchester University Magazine, 1868-1912. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1913, pp. 22-28 and 175-176. Light brown cloth, gilt. Very Good+. (Inventory No. 19190)
Catalogue number Gissing5/319 Price: £10

"The Death of the Children" [Coustillas D7]

The English Review, April 1914, p. 1. Wrappers. Spine worn and splitting at rear top. Good+. (Inventory No. 23856)
Catalogue number Gissing5/320 Price: £12

"Dickens in Memory" [Coustillas E13]

The Critic, XL, January 1902, pp. 47-51. Wrappers. Covers detached. Fair. (Inventory No. 23857)
Catalogue number Gissing5/321 Price: £10

"Introduction to the Rochester David Copperfield" [Coustillas E 18]

The Dickensian, 77 part 1, Spring 1981, pp. 2-11. Card covers. Very Good+. (Inventory No. 23858)
Catalogue number Gissing5/322 Price: £6

"My Books"

PRITCHARD, F. H. Essays of To-Day. George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., 1925. pp. 230-234. Original green cloth. Slight wear to spine, very good clean copy. Very Good. (Inventory No. 23861)
Catalogue number Gissing5/323 Price: £5

"Afternoon Tea"

An Everyman Anthology, Dent, 1966 (Everyman's Library) pp. 242-243. Cloth in dust wrapper. Dust wrapper worn, chipped and price clipped. Very Good+/Very Good. (Inventory No. 719)
Catalogue number Gissing5/324 Price: £5

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